More Than Just A Card, Its An Experience

The majority of gifts you give and receive are just stuff.  Things you may use for a few months but then they end up in a closet somewhere taking up space.  A massage session from Stonehaven isn’t just “stuff”, it is an experience.  It is a way to offer your friend or family member a soothing experience that can change their day, their week, their month, their year or their lifetime!  Receiving a massage is more than just a relaxing time, it is a clinical and spiritual healing session for your body.  Our bodies are made up of muscle and electricity, a massage caters to both of these things.  When you give someone a gift card from Stonehaven Massage, you are not just giving them a card, you are giving them therapy for their life.

We offer a wide variety of specialties at Stonehaven. Choose between Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Reiki, Pre-natal, Reflexology and Asian Cupping(add on service). For our Signature Massage, you may choose a combination of modalities. You can purchase your gift card by dollar amount or you can purchase it for a specific service.

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