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 Stonehaven Massage & Spa is unique in its approach to treating skin, body and mind.

In our upscale location close to the heart of Mooresville’s most noted landmark, Lake Norman.  Stonehaven Massage & Spa combines a serious, high quality, effective approach to massage, skin care and mind/body wellness with a welcoming, soothing, and luxurious environment focused on exceptional customer experiences and service. Our passionate team of skilled professionals is dedicated to bringing the best in relaxation, results and healing to our clients through personalized services and results oriented treatments.

News & Specials

Hours of Strain will Leave You in Pain

Weekend projects can require hours of straining.  This type of muscle strain isn’t something that you normally do during the week so your body isn’t use to it.  This may damage areas of your back that are not accustomed to such a physical load.  Home improvement...

Don’t Prolong Bad Posture

Another bad behavior associated with The Weekender is prolonged, unnatural positions.  This is common with activities like gardening or landscaping.  Bending over or looking down for hours will hurt your neck and back. Be conscious of how you are positioning your body...

Avoid The Bursts of Vigor

One characteristic of The Weekender is vigorous bursts of activity without proper warm-up.  Going from a cold start to an extreme level of activity can really do some damage to your back, legs and tendons.  This is common when playing weekend sports. It is best to...


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