The Weekender will do just that, end your week.  Physically over-exerting yourself on the weekend while doing a sport or home project or exercise can really cause more damage then good if you are not physically active on a weekend basis.  This is more true the older you get as well.  Be sure to ease into your activity and do the following:

1. Avoid any extreme or vigorous burst of activity, especially on cold or seldom used muscles.  Warm up before you do anything with light exercise or low impact activity.  Don't try to do too much.

2. Be mindful of your posture.  Squatting or putting yourself in unnatural positions for extended amounts of time can damage your back muscles.  Keep good posture and change positions often.

3. Don't strain your muscles for extended amounts of time if you are not use to regular, physical activity.  Don't expect your body to be able to withstand hours of physical torture if you spend your weeks behind a computer.  Don't be afraid to ask for help on your projects or use bracing or tools to help support you.

4. Be sure to not stretch yourself too thin.  If you are trying to exercise or stretch to avoid injury make sure you don't injure yourself doing it.  The same rule applies here, ease into it.  

If you have suffered damage to your body already from The Weekender we can help.  The following three massages are great for sore and damaged muscles:

Signature Massage

Our signature full body massage uses long gliding strokes with gentle pressure to relax the mind and increase circulation and is the perfect antidote to a hectic pace. The use of oil and/or lotion allows long, smooth strokes, which promotes circulation, cleanses the tissue of toxins, and soothes the nervous system. An excellent way to reduce tension and relieve stress.

30 Minutes | $40

60 Minutes | $75   

90 Minutes | $110  

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Deep Tissue Massage

Do you have chronic pain, tight muscles, or feel the need for deeper pressure? There are many reasons why our Custom Deep Tissue Massage will be beneficial to you. A blend of deep tissue, sports, neuromuscular and stretching, our Deep Tissue Massage is a more intense experience than our Signature Massage.  Deep Tissue loosens the muscles and reaches the deeper connective tissues for help with chronic pain and tightness. This specialized massage addresses tight, overworked muscles by using stronger strokes and neuromuscular therapy techniques to release tension and stress.

30 Minutes | $45

60 Minutes | $80   

90 Minutes | $115

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Hot Stone Massage

The simplest tools transformed in the hands of the therapist. Stones that have been smoothed and shaped by nature now work to do the same for you. Chosen for their temperature retentive qualities, natural stones can enhance a massage with hot or cold therapy to warm and stimulate or cool and soothe. Depending on your needs, stone therapy can unlock tension deep within the muscles, relieve stress, or help you achieve total relaxation.

60 Minutes | $105

90 Minutes | $135

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