Stonehaven gives back, and we do it in numerous ways.

We are rewarding our customers and fans with Stonehaven SpaDollar$ for doing things like commenting, participating in our contests, eating right, exercising and many more exciting things.  You can earn SpaDollar$ on our website here, on our Facebook page, on our Twitter page, our Google Plus page and our Pinterest page.  We will present you with different ways to win throughout the year so be sure to check back here on our site regularly, sign up for our newsletter or like our social media channels.

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To begin winning SpaDollar$ you need to sign up on our site.  We will award you 5 SpaDollar$ for signing up!

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What Are SpaDollar$?



Stonehaven SpaDollar$ is our in-spa currency.  You can use them for massages, facials, waxing, products or just about any other thing at our spa in Mooresville, NC.  We offer them as incentives for participating in activities or promotions as well as rewards for our loyal customers.

Current Ways To Win

Win Spadollars$

Stonehaven Gives Back!! Win SpaDollar$, our in-house currency, just by referring a friend or loved one to our spa. When they call in have them tell us you referred them, and we will credit your account for $10 in...

Have You Experienced The Slump

The Slump is a posture behavior where we hunch our back, lean forward in our chair and look down as well as crossing our legs or sitting with a leg under us.  This behavior puts strain on the lower back, upper back and neck.  It also damages our lungs by making us...

We Will Pay You To Like Us

Yes, we sound desperate, but we are okay with that.  We want you to stay updated with our news in order to help you live a life of health and happiness.  So just head over to our Facebook page and click the "like" button.  We will give you 5 SpaDollar$ for doing so....

Exercise Video Contest

We have posted four different exercises and stretches to help you overcome The Slouch.  We want to take it a step further and reward you for doing them.  Record yourself performing all 4 exercises and stretches, then upload it to our Facebook wall.  We will give you...

Win 5 SpaDollar$ for Liking Our Facebook Page

Do you know that you can get 5 SpaDollar$ for just liking our Facebook page?  Now until March, if you like our Facebook page we will bank $5 worth of SpaDollar$ into your account.  First you need to create an account on our website by clicking here: Create Website...

Answer A Question & Win 20 SpaDollar$

We have listed five characteristics of bad posture or as we call it, The Slouch.  The first person to comment with at least three of the five will win  20 Stonehaven SpaDollar$!  That means you save $20 off your next service!!  We will select the winner from whoever...

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