an escape from it all

comfortable & relaxing environment

massage therapy for pain relief and stress reduction

natural healing for your body

results-driven skin care

 Stonehaven Massage & Spa is unique in its approach to treating skin, body and mind.

In our upscale location close to the heart of Mooresville’s most noted landmark, Lake Norman.  Stonehaven Massage & Spa combines a serious, high quality, effective approach to massage, skin care and mind/body wellness with a welcoming, soothing, and luxurious environment focused on exceptional customer experiences and service. Our passionate team of skilled professionals is dedicated to bringing the best in relaxation, results and healing to our clients through personalized services and results oriented treatments.

News & Specials

Think Tall!

Think Tall!  Thinking tall is another way to help your posture and help you overcome The Slouch.  Keeping yourself straight and erect will improve your posture.  A simple test can make you more aware of what constitutes good posture and can help improve your spinal...

Exercise Video Contest

We have posted four different exercises and stretches to help you overcome The Slouch.  We want to take it a step further and reward you for doing them.  Record yourself performing all 4 exercises and stretches, then upload it to our Facebook wall.  We will give you...

Back Stretch

Loosen and relieve sore back muscles caused by The Slouch by performing this stretch: Hold the rim of a sink to brace yourself, with your arms straight but not locked. Place our feet hip-width apart, right under your shoulders, with knees slightly bent. With your head...

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